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Name is LeeAnne. I have literately been through hell & back.
"I speak the truth & everybody else knows it, so put your ego to the side & get the fuck over it." -ADTR


98% of my life is ????? with a little ¿¿¿¿¿

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no matter how many followers you have the same 10 people will reblog posts from you

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I hate brushing my teeth at night because that signifies that you can’t have anymore food and I’m just never ready for that kind of commitment

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don’t fuck with people that have ugly pics of you

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16. April 2014


no matter what blogging style you have as long as you’ll reblog this I’ll check it since I want to follow more blogs with different blogging styles

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dear coca cola company,

i drank some of your POWERADE drink and im still weak as fuck when will the power begin to kick in? please reply soon, i just sent a mass text to my entire school saying i would beat up the football team this friday

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